1. Beginner Info for Local SEO
    1. How do Listings End up on Google?
    2. What Ranking Factors Matter for Local SEO?
  2. Google My Business
    1. How to Contact Google My Business
    2. Help Articles to Be Aware of
    3. Different Views For Listings
      1. Finding the CID Number
      2. How to get to the Google Maps Listing from the Local Finder
      3. Verified vs. Unverified
        1. How to Unverify a listing
    4. Finding Duplicates
      1. Permanently Closed Listings
    5. How to Deal with Duplicates
      1. Storefronts
      2. Service Area Businesses
      3. Reporting Duplicates on Google Maps
      4. All about the Moved Feature
      5. How to Deal with 2 Businesses at the Same Address
      6. Industries with Special Rules & Features
        1. Food Trucks
        2. Real Estate
          1. Condos
          2. Model Homes
        3. Restaurants
      7. How to Understand/Interpret Google My Business Insights
          1. Does Google Ads Activity Show up in GMB Insights?
      8. How to Stop Managing a Listing
      9. Attributes
      10. Phone & Address Issues
        1. Physical Address vs Post Office Address
        2. Are Appointment-Only Businesses Allowed Listings?
        3. How to Add a Phone Extension to a Google My Business Listing
      11. The Website Field
        1. What URL to link to
        2. What if the Business Doesn’t Have a Website?
        3. Should I Link to my Homepage or Location Page?
        4. Can I use Tracking Parameters?
        5. I’m Getting an Error When Adding my Website in GMB
      12. Hours
        1. How to Temporarily Close a Listing
      13. Categories
        1. How to Determine Which Categories to Use
        2. List of GMB Category Changes in 2017-2019 (USA)
        3. List of GMB Category Changes in 2019 (UK)
        4. Using Emojis in the Business Title
        5. Adding a Business Name in Another Language
        6. Hidden Fields that Exist for GMB That You Can’t See
    6. Photos
    7. Practitioner Listings
      1. Solo Practitioners
      2. Multi-Practitioner Listings
      3. What Business Types are Allowed Practitioner Listings?
      4. Practitioners Who No Longer Work There
      5. Creating Practitioner Listings
    8. Reviews
      1. When can Reviews be Transferred
      2. When Reviews can be Removed
      3. Fake Negative Review Attacks
      4. Getting Google to Remove GMB Reviews
      5. Reporting a Local Guide
      6. Reporting Fake Competitors’ Reviews
      7. Getting Reviews Removed on Other Websites
      8. Filtered Reviews
        1. How to See if the Reviews You Wrote Got Filtered
        2. Review Soliciting Tactics That Will Cause Your Reviews to Get Removed
      9. Asking Customers for Reviews
      10. Understanding the Average Rating
        1. How to See How Many More Reviews You Need to Increase Your Average Rating
      11. How Much do Google Reviews Impact Ranking?
    9. What are “Google Updates”?
    10. Spam
      1. What Rule Violations Help Ranking
      2. How to Confirm a Business’ Real Name
      3. What is the Penalty for Keyword Stuffing
      4. What listings are Against the Guidelines?
        1. When can a Service Area Business Have Multiple Listings?
      5. How to Detect a Fake Address
      6. How to See What Was at That Address in the Past
      7. How to see Address on Listing with Hidden Address Feature: 2 Tricks
      8. Hijacks
      9. Reporting Fake Listings
        1. Specific Tips for Service Area Businesses
        2. How to Get Edits Approved Faster
        3. When You Wouldn’t Want to Report a Competitor’s Duplicate
      10. Keeping your Listing Safe from Spammers
      11. Photo Spam
    11. Suspensions
      1. Tips for Avoiding a Suspension
      2. Do Suspensions Impact Ranking?
      3. Why Do Listings Get Suspended?
    12. Verification Issues
      1. Someone Else Verified My Listing
      2. Verifying a Service Area Business Listing that’s Already Claimed
      3. Verifying Businesses that Don’t Receive Mail at Their Location
      4. Listing is Verified and Doesn’t Appear in the Drop-Down
      5. How to Verify a Listing at an Old Address
    13. Google Posts
      1. Do Google Posts Impact Ranking?
      2. What Should You Post About?
      3. How to Format Images That Contain Text
      4. 42 Different Words that cause Google Posts to Get Rejected
    14. Questions and Answers on Google
    15. Videos on Google My Business
    16. Google My Business Appointment URL & Bookings Feature
    17. The Different Google My Business Dashboards
    18. The Google My Business Description
    19. Google My Business Products Beta
  3. Advanced Verification
  4. Local Services by Google (Home Service Ads)
  5. Moving Your Businesss
  6. Rebranding Your Business (a Checklist)
  7. Onsite SEO
    1. Schema
      1. Is it Okay to Mark Up Reviews From 3rd Parties Like Yelp or Google?
      2. Sample Schema Code to Use for Getting Organic Gold Stars
      3. Sample Schema Code for Products
      4. Can I Only Show Positive Reviews on my Site?
      1. Should a Small Business have a Blog?
      2. How Many Cities to Target Per Page
      3. When to have Multiple Websites
      4. 8 Tips for Writing a Good Title Tag
      5. Optimizing for Near Me Terms
      6. URL Structure
      7. How to Embed a Google Map Properly
      8. Tips for Optimizing Videos on YouTube
      9. What You Need to Know about Image Optimization
      10. Tips for Optimizing a Local Business Website
      11. How to do Keyword Research for Local SEO
  8. Google Maps
    1. Place Labels
    2. What to do if Street View in the Knowledge Panel is Incorrect
    3. How do I Fix an Incorrect Address on Google Maps?
    4. Things to Know about Local Guides and Editing on Google Maps
  9. Ranking
    1. Major Local Algorithm Updates
      1. Timeline of Changes to Algorithms, Bugs, Features and GMB Policies
    2. The Local Filter
      1. Is a Competitor Causing you to be Filtered? How to get Unfiltered.
    3. Location & Ranking Trackers
      1. What’s the Best Way to Get a List and Map of Zip Codes in a Specific City?
      2. How to Confirm Google Understands Your Search Location
      3. Why Doesn’t the Local Finder Show the Same 3 Businesses That are in the 3-Pack?*
  10. Google’s Search Results
    1. Knowledge Panel Features
      1. Geographic Area in Knowledge Panel
      2. Wrong Business Name Listed in Knowledge Panel
      3. Reviews From the Web
      4. Located in Feature
      5. Google is picking a stupid photo for the Knowledge Panel. How do I Fix it?
      6. How to Remove an Incorrect Menu Link From the Knowledge Panel
      7. How to Get a Knowledge Panel
    2. Branded vs Non-Branded 3-Packs
    3. Organic Filter
    4. What is the Blue Dot in the 3-Pack?
  11. Yelp
    1. Best Way to Get Reviews
    2. Their Policies on Listings
  12. Citations
    1. How Many Citations is Enough?
    2. Do they Still Matter?
    3. What NAP Variations Should I Bother Cleaning Up?
    4. What You Need to Know About 3rd Party Citation Tools (Yext, Moz Local etc)
  13. Attribution/Tracking/Reporting
    1. How to Track GMB Traffic in Google Analytics
    2. How to Track GMB Traffic in Search Console
  14. Information for Brands, Franchises, and Multi-Location Businesses
    1. How Consistency in Naming Impacts Ranking in the 3-Pack
  15. Information for Marketing Agencies
    1. Recommended Practices for Agencies Managing GMB Listings
    2. How to Get Email Alerts for GMB Accounts With 100+ Listings
    3. Everything You Need to Know About the GMB Agency Dashboard
  16. Ads in the 3-Pack
    1. What Triggers the Ads?
    2. What if I Don’t See a Call Button Beside My Ad?
    3. Other FAQ about Where Ads Show
    4. How to Track Results from 3-Pack Ads


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